Welcome Fellow Digital Marketers

All the content here is written from personal experiences and ‘YES’, the opinions are all my own, so please don’t blame anyone that knows me ; )

All the thinking preceding the experiences is influenced by consuming massive amounts of books, audio books, podcasts, blog posts, daily contact through a Slack Mastermind of 95+ fellow marketers from many disciplines such as SEO, Local SEO, Off-Page SEO, SEM (PPC & Paid Social), CRO, Web Analytics, Email Marketing, Content Creators and Developers, consulting in the evenings, having a ton of lunch/dinner meetings, late night phone calls and also from managing an incredible group of SEO and SEM Specialists at one of the fastest growing immigration firms in Canada.

You want to send me occasional emails??!!!

‘Yes’, but really ‘no’.

If you connect with what is here, you think that we may share something in common and you want more, then I’d cherish your choice. I’d keep your email private and will only use it for my personal gain (insert >> evil laughter looped for 20 seconds).

If you think this is worst than stinky raccoon torn heaps of garbage bags, then you are entitled to your opinion. Besides, why have big email lists where no one cares?

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